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Henri Sigayret is a symbol of Khumbu. At the age of 40, he gave up his western life to settle at 4,000m where he founded a new family, financed electricity in his village and got involved in improving living conditions in his new adopted country, Nepal.

He is also a renowned mountaineer, nicknamed Sherpasig, and has notably achieved the first Annapurna ski race (the second French one after Herzog…).

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Namgyal Zangbu is a Nepalese Sherpa. His father, Zimba Sherpa is the former president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) and has been an important player in raising awareness of waste in Nepal.

Namgyal is our main contact person in Nepal. With his extensive knowledge of the field, the populations and the Khumbila Foundation of which he is director, he was able to direct us on the main needs of Khumbu.

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