Our articles

Our articles

One of the objectives of the project is also the transmission of knowledge, for this we will regularly publish articles on different themes related to the project.

You can find them all on this page :

The pyrolysis

The first machine we develop uses pyrolysis technology.

Find out how to transform plastic into fuel and combustible gas.

Plastic processing

Plastic wastes are piling up across the planet. We are talking about recycling this material. However, this process is complex due to the diversity of the types of plastic.

Here, we describe the majority of existing treatment techniques, stating their advantages and disadvantages.


The Tri’Haut will go to Nepal this fall, as the first team did last year, and will share its experiences with you. In the meantime, here are the important informations you need to know before you leave !

The glaciers

What is a glacier ? How do they work and what resource do they represent on earth ?

The answer to all these questions in Robin J.

The incinerator

Originally, the project aimed to install an incinerator in the Khumbu valley. Even if the idea has been abandoned, it remains interesting to understand how an incinerator works.

A very detailed article by Valentin G.