The team


 Olivier Robelin – president


Let us introduce the St-Étienne-born pillar of the team! With Olivier, everything runs as well as his bike. He is the greatest sportsman on the bandwagon, but also the most ambitious. Being at the origin of this project, he was never afraid to aim high, and for our case, as high as the “roof of the world”.

Olivier is known by the students of the school as the faithful friend who will bring the good, but especially the BIG ambiance to your parties. However, he will still be present the next morning, faithful to his position as an outstanding cyclist and runner! Challenges as crazy as they are funny carry him, but it is never without proposing to his friends that he goes on an adventure. Running through the Chartreuse massif in one day, sunset-to-sunrise running, Half-Ironman of Doussard in relay race, nothing slows him down to share incredible experiences with his team and make reports worthy of the best journalists all along.

The project’s engine has all the relational assets and knowledge in civil engineering to make the project succeed.




 Robin Jager – vice president


This is the Mike Horn of the team. Robin is the mountaineer par excellence, native of The Vercors and spending all his free time in his chalet in Contamines, he is an expert in all areas: ski touring, mountaineering, paragliding, climbing.

Indeed, this mountain guide did not wait to graduate to take his fellow project to the roof of Europe. But Robin doesn’t just share his passion in the field, as he also does courses on avalanches and mountain hazards with students at his engineering school.

Finally, Robin is the world record holder for glycemic minimalism. He is able to follow 15 hours of effort in the mountains by feeding on 3 crumbs of bread collected from the table of his breakfast. Impressive, isn’t it?

It is therefore with confidence that the Tri-Haut pour l’Everest trio will be able to undertake the Everest trails. The experience and composure of their companion will ensure the team’s safety throughout the journey.





Valentin Girard – treasurer and secretary


Valentin is the team’s Franc-Comtois! His time management is impressive, allowing him to lead a triple life shared between a sports preparation for an Ironman, his personal and associative commitment to engage in the world of tomorrow and his exemplary academic attendance.

Known for his joie de vivre and his gaze towards others, Valentin will always be available to give his time to the community. Indeed, his curiosity has made him acquire an advanced knowledge of physical phenomena, which allows him to teach them to high school students during private classes or even to his completely-emptied classmates. He is even able to improvise an acoustics class to his neighbor to explain the origin of the noise caused by the parties.

Our physicist proves indispensable to this adventure, with a knowledge of the terrain thanks to a trek in Nepal two years ago. His personal experiences such as the construction of a wind turbine will allow us a significant expertise.

As you will have understood, Valentin will fill us with his good humor during this project, while ensuring an impeccable organization.





You wonder what could have led these three members to design this project? They will answer you personally:

Olivier ROBELIN, the engine


Originally from Saint-Étienne, I quickly developed a passion for endurance sports in the Massif Central. My graduate studies took me to Grenoble to discover the high mountains, allowing me to consider even more projects.

In addition to sports, my life is divided between various projects (creation of a family food truck, help with the construction of a building, and now a waste management project in Nepal), an engineering study at Ense3 and an active student life.

Concerned about the world of tomorrow, it is essential for me that all the projects in which I take part, engage in a more sustainable world. 


My background is rather atypical since I am the only student in my school to have obtained an economics baccalauréat. Indeed, after obtaining this diploma, I wanted at the time to change fields of study to specialize in wood construction. I then chose to apply in Civil Engineering and Sustainable Construction vocational studies, which is not normally an accessible training with my bac. However, by exposing my project and my motivations to the recruiters, they chose to give me my chance.

Then, this exciting new training gave me the opportunity to access ENSE3: the National College of Water, Energy and the Environment. My curiosity and my desire to discover new fields of study decided me to join this school. Currently, I specialize in the Hydraulic Works and Environment sectors.


Very sensitive to the issues of mountain sports, I am interested in the pollution they can generate and, in particular, the waste.

At the same time, I planned to take a year off my studies to get involved in this problem. The film Everest Green by Jean-Michel Jorda particularly alerted me to the subject, which decided me to contact him. His expertise, as well as that of other major players in mountain sports (Mountain Wilderness, trekking companies, etc.) led me to make the project a reality. Valentin and Robin, with whom I shared outings, both mountain enthusiasts, and concerned about its protection, were immediately excited by the idea and, thus, we decided to launch the Tri-Haut pour l’Everest project.

Robin JAGER, the guide 


I was born and raised at the foot of the Vercors. A wild massif par excellence, I was quickly attracted by the sports that could be practiced there: first skiing and sledging in a small ski resort of 3 ski lifts, the goal was quickly to get off the slopes. Then, I integrated the High School of Mountain Trades in Savoy, in the DEM section to be able to practice as much as possible for 4 years.

This allowed me to get closer to the mountains, start mountain guide training and become autonomous in mountaineering, climbing, ski touring, paragliding… 


I then went to Annecy (I heard there was paragliding there) to attend a pre-scientific class. Two years of hard work to join an engineering school in line with my values: the school of water, energy and the environment. It is here that I met the two comrades of the project with whom we go to discover all the nice places around Grenoble. I am also in the process of completing the AMM training which allows me to consolidate my knowledge of the mountain environment and share it through courses.


This project attracts me in many ways. Using his skills to help local people deal with a recurring problem at home but also around the world, discovering and learning about their culture in exceptional landscapes, bringing this in pictures to share this adventure really motivates me to go there. We add to this a sporting and scientific adventure on a 6,000m-high summit, with a shock team to complete the project.

For the rest of the year, I plan to set up a more local project in the Alps or the Pyrenees. The aim would be to show that sobriety does not rhyme with deprivation, it remains to be seen how to set up such a project. To be continued …

Valentin GIRARD, the leader


My name is Valentin and I’m from Besançon, in Franche-Comté. I am immensely fortunate to have had parents who made me grow up in contact with nature. Thanks to them, I was able to familiarize myself with the mountains, especially in the Belledonne, and the Chamonix valley where we went every year. I also worked there as a cook for several summers. And it was in this environment where I grew up that I could see the very first consequences of climate change. Today, this makes me a sports-friendly-engaged engineer who is fascinated by nature, as much by its beauty as by its operation and harmony. 

The objectives are now more expected than ever: the Ironman of Vichy in August 2021, then the great adventure by embarking on this project, and 6 months of training in permaculture will follow.


My course starts at kindergarten age with my neighbor, who is a physics teacher, and who takes me to do tons of physical experiments. Always curious to understand, I was drawn directly to scientific subjects. In the first class until the senior year, I obtained my scientific baccalauréat with an average of 18.81/20. 

Then there are two difficult years of preparatory course to end up in a school that perfectly corresponds to my values: the National Higher School of Water, Energy and the Environment, in Grenoble. I now specialize in mechanics and energy. 

In terms of mountain training, I was educated mainly by my parents. Then, while at high school, I enrolled in the adventure school of the French Alpine Club to learn climbing, mountaineering, ski touring, ice-waterfall climbing, etc. It is now with my friends that I practice all these sports, in the vicinity of Grenoble.


Environmental issues have always affected me a lot. After having campaigned with Alternatiba, it seemed important for me to take a year off and do as much as I could to defend this cause.

I went to Nepal in 2018, and I saw with my own eyes the huge plastic pollution of the Himalayan trails. It was horrible to see. When Olivier proposed this project to me, I immediately understood that I had to follow it, and that I was fully involved in it.

I hope that my mountain skills and my knowledge of physics will allow me to lead this project to success.