2021 – The begining of the project

2021 – The begining of the project

You will find here the 5 vidé-hauts made by the first team when they came to Nepal during the fall and winter of 2021. You will be able to learn more about the different key places of the project and about the project itself : its establishment, its progress, its evolutions and its objectives. Special episodes are devoted to the adventure aspect of travel.

First intro video of the series :

  • sporting expedition to Mont Rose
  • first prototype of the pyrolysis

Arrival in the country and start of the project in the field :

  • Nepal discovery
  • Meeting with the different actors
  • Cultural visits

After an immersion in the capital, it is time for us to head to the region where we want to put the installation

  • Visit local organizations
  • Visit landfill and recycling places
  • Treks

Departure for the Makalu/Barun region with the objective of climbing Mera Peak:

  • Mera summit
  • Measures on the glacier
  • Interview with the IGE’s glaciologists

The end of our trip resulted in a month and a half on Kathmandu in order to test our pyrolysis prototype :

  • Presentation of the machine
  • Explanation of the process
  • Images of our visit to Chitwan and Pokhara

These 4 months in Nepal were filled with joy and good humor that we share with you through this blooper :

  • The gaps
  • The zbeul
  • Commentator passion
  • The famous “NAMASTE”

Find our videos outside vlogs:

  • Jonathan Lamy’s interview
  • GEAN’s interview