Our sponsors

Such a project would not be possible without financial, logistical and technical suppport from our different sponsors and collaborators. We thanks them for that !

Our engineering school, without which we would never have met each other and without which the project would never have taken place : ENSE3, the School of Water, Energy and the Environment!

Les Alumnis is Grenoble INP’s former students network, a monumental network of contacts that’s very useful to a project like ours. But also a very welcome financial support.

The Grenoble INP Foundation provides financial and logistical support for projects launched by Grenoble INP students. It is an essential asset in the project, since without them, we simply couldn’t allow you to claim tax exemption on your donations. They’ve been supporting us from the very beginning of the project.

Veolia is a French multinational specializing in water, waste and energy management.

Through the Prix de la Solidarité Etudiante, which we had the honor to win this year along with two other associations, they provide us with technical and financial support for our project.

Sybert is the syndicate responsible for waste treatment in Valentin’s home town of Besançon. Professionals from the world of waste who have been supporting us technically and financially for the first two years.

Running Conseil brings together a number of sport stores, including the one in Echirolles, which has supported us since the first Everestille by offering prizes to participants and making the Tri-Haut T-shirts and caps.

How can we talk about mountains without mentioning Le Vieux Campeur ? An emblematic mountain gear store in Grenoble and the rest of France, they’ve been supporting us for 2 years by offering prizes to Everestille participants.

EarthWake is an association/company working on the development of plastic pyrolysis. Their knowledge in this field is a great help to us on the project. After many discussions with them, we decided to stop the development of the pyrolysis.

Our local supports

The Ama Dablam Youth Club is the association of the youth of Pangboche, the village where we will build our recycling center. We’ll be working with them to set up the machines and build the center. Above all, they’ll be in charge of the installation once it’s finished.

Namgyal Zangbu Sherpa is our main contact on site. Without him, the project would clearly not be what it is today.

He is the director of the Khumbila Foundation, a Nepalese trekking and travel agency named after a peak sacred to the Sherpa people not far from Pangboche.

Namgyal was recently appointed among the directors of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, an organization promoting mountain tourism and sport, and protecting the environment and culture in Nepal’s mountain regions.