Vidé-Haut #3 – Katmandou : Tests on the Pyrolysis

Vidé-Haut #3 – Katmandou : Tests on the Pyrolysis

Here is the second video about our adventures in Kathmandu ! Here you will discover the tests we carried out on the Pyrolysis prototype, especially concerning the length and shape of the distillation column between the combustion chamber and the first condenser.

We also make an assesment of our visit to Nepal and the progress we made on the project, which we can divide between those 3 axes :

  • The machines : The shredder is already on site. The sheetpress is built, more testing needs to be done on it. We need to build the final version of the pyrolysis (the third team is actively working on it in France). Polyfloss is in the Khumbu but does not belong to us, we are in discussion with its owner.
  • The building : We now have a piece of land where we can build our building. We now need to make the plans and prepare the construction, which the third team will carry out.
  • Implementation of the project : We have strengthened our bond with the local stakeholders to ensure the viability of the project. Everything is not yet won but we are working to maintain contact and ensure that they have their word to say, because this project is also theirs.

Nathan stayed for several more months. He was thus able to make some tests on the sheetpress and returned to the Khumbu in order to prepare for construction [see Tests on the Sheetpress].

Finally, we talk about the trip, the discovery of this fascinating country of an impressive natural and cultural diversity.