2022 – A new team in Nepal

2022 – A new team in Nepal

After a first team came to Nepal during the fall 2021, a second team set up to take over the operations and went to Nepal once again in fall 2022. Watch their videos on this page !

This year, we mainly worked on building the Sheetpress and studying it. But also worked on preparing the ground for the construction of the building which will be carried out next year.

In this video, we present to you what we did during the two months we spent in Khumbu:

  • Discovery of Sherpa culture
  • Sports adventure (treks, ascent of Mera Peak…)
  • Progress on the project (meeting with the locals and searching for a place to build)

In this new video, discover the adventures that happened to us during the construction of the Sheetpress!

  • Discovery of Kathmandu while looking for pieces
  • Nepali time
  • A completly different way of working

In this 2nd video about our adventures in Kathmandu, we talk about pyrolysis, culture and travel.

  • Tests on the Pyrolysis
  • Assessment on the progress made on the project
  • Trip and Culture

This article relates the tests carried out on the Sheetpress : manufacturing of plates and objects from them.

  • Protocol
  • Study of the main factors in state
  • Prototype of a roof made of plastic tiles
  • Small coffee table