Our articles

Our articles

One of the objectives of the project is also the transmission of knowledge, for this we will regularly publish articles on different themes related to the project.

You can find them all on this page :

Waste processing

Plastic in all its forms

As you can imagine, the Tri-Haut pour l’Everest project is all about plastic. But what is this material ? Are there different types ? How are they shaped?

Become a plastics pro by reading this article written by Nathan L. (July 2022)

Plastic processing around the world

Plastic wastes are accumulating all over the globe. We talk about recycling this material. However, this process is complex due to the diversity of plastic types.

Here, we describe the majority of existing treatment techniques, outlining their advantages and disadvantages.

Signed Valentin G. (December 2021)

Plastic sorting

In order to recycle plastic waste, there’s one essential preliminary step : sorting. Not all types of plastic can be recycled in the same way.

Discover here the different sorting technique that exist.

Article by Nathan L. (August 2022)

Low-tech plastic recycling

Now that we’ve sorted our plastic wastes according to there type, we can recycle them ! Given the limited quantities of plastic to be recycled, the size of the village in which we’re going to build our center and its remoteness, which makes maintenance far more complicated, we’re opting for so-called low-tech recycling technologies.

Discover the deeper meaning of this word and its applications in recycling within this final article of our series about the treatment of plastic waste.

Signed Nathan L. (August 2022)

The pyrolysis

A second idea widely explored by Tri-Haut was plastic pyrolysis, which converts plastic into gas and fuel oil. Why did we abandon this machine, and what studies led us to this difficult choice?

Discover the answer to these questions in this complete article written by Valentin G. in 2021, and largely completed by Nathan L. in 2022 and Pierre J. in 2023.

The incinerator

The original aim of the project was to install an incinerator in the Khumbu. Although the idea has been abandoned, it is still very interesting to understand how an incinerator works.

A very detailed article by Valentin G. (December 2020)

Other articles (culture and mountain)


Here you’ll find a wealth of information about Nepal, a small country of great cultural and natural diversity.

An article signed Valentin G. (February 2021)

The glaciers

What is a glacier? What mechanisms govern them and what resources do they represent on earth?

The answer to all these questions in this article by Robin J. (July 2021)

Stay tuned, other articles will be published soon !